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About Ashton

Ashton Fisher

Ashton Fisher was born in Houston, Texas, USA where he spent the first part of his life. After a short stint in the army, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts.
Ashton worked as a professional musician for several years, playing with (among others) Dr. John the Nighttripper (1970-71) before returning to drawing and painting. As a professional artist he has held expositions in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Helder, Alkmaar and Eindhoven (Holland) and in Germany, England and Belgium. His paintings have appeared by Gallery Karl Appel, RAI Amsterdam and the Metropole Hotel in Brighton, England. He has been listed in the Artist’s Register North Holland and his works have been bought by (a.o.) the city council of Den Helder.
Besides this, Ashton has worked for more than 30 years as commercial illustrator and has made a large number of bookcover illustrations, CD album covers and poster design. Publishing houses he has worked for include: Bruna (Conan series), Sirius & Siderius (Thomas Covanent series), Kluwer (Perry Rhodan series), Germany (diverse) and Belgium (diverse). For several years he worked as art director for ad agencies.
This background proved invaluable when, in 1998, Ashton turned his attention to tattooing. “It was a serious interest which became a profession which became an obsession”, according to Ashton. He sees tattooing as an extension of his other artistic endeavors.
In the ten years that he has worked as a professional tattoo artist, he has left hie creative, artistic stamp on every tattoo he has made.